The Knuckle App is a whole new way to connect, interact, and mingle with like-minded individuals from around the world. The platform offers several unique features and some of the requisites to make it what we call it, your complete social experience. Our app’s users can upload multimedia files, add friends; see their posts and stories, converse with them in the chat box, like and comment on posts as well as share anything from other user’s profile. Furthermore, users can fulfill their business needs through running social campaigns by reaching out the targeted audiences in matter of just a few clicks, create and publicize events happening nearby along with searching for them. Users can be notified for relevant activities and they can edit their profile details including privacy matters and more. This all is bought together at place to provide an unmatched experience.

Interact, Share & Thrive

Here, users can interact with the online community, share statuses, pictures and daily happenings on their profile along with making the most of other related features to enhance the user experience and social growth rate.

Business Growth With Us

Through Knuckle, users can conveniently grow their business by maintaining a digital image of their brand. Moreover, users can pay a nominal amount based on their targeted audience in order to launch a paid digital marketing campaign as well as monitor its demographics.

Manage Profile Privacy & Other Details

The options are in no way limited on this platform, a user can always decide what possible details are to be made public and what should be kept private. Users can also block other unwanted users from approaching them on this platform.

  • Ease Of Use

    A simple, straightforward and user friendly design to maximize the practicality of the platform.

  • Virtual Business Management

    Tools that make your business grow digitally and let you manage the whole scenario precisely.

  • Know What Is Happening

    Users can be notified of what’s going on and what other people in the community are up to.

  • Invite Others & Manage

    Users can always invite their family, friends and contacts if they like the application to use it.

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